Finding Inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration? I find that seeing ideas from around that world is like a warm up exercise for creativity. Let your mind go and explore things that you like or inspire you through whatever resource you might have available. Many times you know what you like when you see it but you have a hard time trying to describe what you like. It is helpful for a design to know your vision or the style you are looking to create. Showing examples helps to connect what content you have with the way you like for it to be communicated. I encourage you to look beyond your own organizational sphere that has nothing to do with the context of your work. What you are looking for is just ways of presenting material that you like. It could be the type of pictures used. It could be the the length of information or the use of info graphs that tells the story. Just come up with pieces to add to your collage of things you inspire you and attract you to the communication piece. The more ideas the better. Ultimately you will be pleased with the results of your designed piece.

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